My Play Outline

This would be my play outline for the final assignment of the course. I would like to write and publish a script based on this outline:

Recommended age group
: Intermediate Two and Advanced Levels
Characters: Cinderella and the Prince, a cheesy couple, living happily ever after.
George: A writer, narrator in other stories, but character here, procrastinator and mean.
Dexter: An attractive, fit and most intelligent serial killer and police consultant.
Patricia: Narrator, and an addict to reading. A good person. She teaches for a living.

Cinderella and the Prince are living happily ever after until one day they are having a picnic in a park and George is sitting next to them. Since he has supernatural powers, he starts to manipulate Cinderella and the Prince’s minds, who start to argue, clearly hating each other and desiring other people. Patricia, also at the park, and very omniscient and intuitive, finds out what he is doing and talks to George for him to stop controlling the couple’s minds, but this is useless. She wishes George stopped making everyone around him suffer, and remembers a character in a series she had watched, Dexter Morgan, who chased and killed murderers who had got away with murder, even those who were clearly guilty at court. Patricia is then shocked to see Dexter, coming towards her out of nowhere, reading her mind, winking at her. He grabs George and takes him away. Dexter takes George to an abandoned bar near the park, everything wrapped in cling paper, got George naked and stuck to a table, and threatens him with killing him if he doesn’t stop killing people. A couple of months later, in that same park, Patricia sees the couple again, and Dexter, who explains why everything is back to normal, and gives her a final piece of very good news: George has finished his last book, where not everyone dies!


Cinderella and the Prince: A married and very happy couple, who love each other dearly. Very young, attractive and both rich, (but most cloying, though). They just want to be together.
George: An old, overweight and huge man, who writes novels and likes to kill his own characters. However, he’s a sadist and also likes to make other writers’ characters suffer.
Dexter: He’s very attractive, super fit, most intelligent and dexterous, though he’s just a character on a TV series. He likes to make things right around him and kill those who have killed innocent people. He wants to help Patricia, a girl at a park.
Patricia: The narrator for this story, who reads a lot and watches a lot of TV. She knows who the rest are and what happens to them and what they think. She wants to help the couple, and get a date with Dexter (if possible).

Scene One: The couple are at the park, holding hands and kissing, most cheesy. They are eating the afternoon picnic food out of each other’s fork. Equally disgusting and nice to watch. George is then seen, next to the couple.
Scene Two: At the park too. George starts to manipulate them mentally. Patricia appears and sees what he’s trying to do. The couple argues, shouts, and they’re seen looking at other attractive people in the park. Patricia and George talk, but he doesn’t listen to her.
Scene Three: At the park, almost sunset. George is clearly enjoying himself, the couple continue arguing, and Patricia recalls Dexter and how he liked to put things right. He suddenly appears and takes George with him.
Scene Four: At a bar, dusk outside. George comes round and Dexter threatens him to kill him if he keeps killing his own and other writers’ characters. There is a most interesting conversation between them. George agrees to do everything Dexter says. Dexter sets George free.
Scene Five: At Intertextuality, the park, at noon, two months later. Patricia is having lunch and reading. Rising her head, she can see Cinderella and the Prince, happy again and making out. She then recalls Dexter, who, out of the blue, appears again. He explains to her what happened that day and how everything is OK now, with the couple and George too. Patricia asks Dexter out.



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I want to say WELCOME to the blog to my students this year, and sorry for not writing in a loooong time, too many things to do :-(

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NB2 End of Course Grammar

This is a post for BASICO 2 students. We are in our last weeks, having our last sessions and I would like you to look at these pages, where you will find practice for the last two topics in our course: PASSIVE VOICE and the modal verb USED TO which is used to talk about past habits. Please revise a lot when we finish classes, and keep studying until we have the exam in June. USED TO USED TO: EXPLANATION AND EXERCISE EXERCISE 2: USED TO EXERCISE 3 PASSIVE VOICE PASSIVE VOICE PRESENT AND PAST PASSIVE Hope you like it! Patricia

Our Performance at the Sansenissima ;-)

Here is something I had to post, it is our "sublime" performance at the end of the wonderful festival "Sansenissima" held on March 23rd, I hope you enjoy it!!! Patricia


Annyversary :-)

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The following post is also for ADVANCED students, we are going to start a very interesting unit, where we will see vocabulary and other aspects related to science and technology. UNIT 7 in OUTCOMES
Well, one of the speaking points in this unit will be practicing the expression of surprise and disbelief. We will see some structures and sentences in English to transmit these two notions, but here in the links I post below, you will find some more structures and some interesting idioms. Please have a look. I hope you like it.





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This is a post for my NA1 Students. We have already finished the unit on sports, entertainment and hobbies. The last grammar point in the copies I gave you from Outcomes (Upper Intermediate) is the difference between present perfect simple and continuous. The differences between them are very subtle, and often it depends on what you want to emphasise to decide what tense you are choosing...

Well I propose that you take a look at the link below...please read the information and do one or two exercises...;-)Enjoy!